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Nurse Triage >

Available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and armed with clinical knowledge and evidence-based triage guidelines, our NT24 nurses help injured employees make informed decisions about the most appropriate level and setting of care. 

Outcomes-based Networks >

When implementing an Outcomes-based Network program an employer's strategic focus shifts from unit-cost reductions to life-of-claim disposition, including clinical, utilization, and return-to-work outcomes.

RxRN >

RxRNs are specially trained case managers who focus on claims at that are at risk due to emerging and complex pharmacy utilization. From first alert to last fill, the RxRN uses a wide lens to manage all aspects of the claim. 


Coventry Connect: Informed decisions lead to better outcomes

The more information that claims adjusters have, the better decisions they can make. With Coventry Connect, you can see all activity on a claim and receive customizable alerts. Our secure web and mobile technology supports Bill Review, First Script® Pharmacy Benefit Management, DMEplus®, Case Management, Utilization Review, IME services, and Coventry’s extensive national network of providers and pharmacies.



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